Horoscope interpretation child

Provide insight into the needs and qualities that are present in your child

Viewing your child’s birth chart can give you a lot of insight into the needs and qualities that are present in your child. Sometimes it is difficult to see which request for help a child actually has with the behavior it shows. Experience shows that children still react very purely from the energy with which they were born to the world around them. Looking at a child’s birth chart from that energy is a mild way of looking, which gives you an understanding of your child’s way of reacting and gives you handles for what is being asked of you as a parent.

In the horoscope reading of a child, I combine my years of experience in pedagogically guiding children, with the energy and the wonderful qualities that lie in your child. These are ready to develop, if we understand what this requires of the child’s environment. During the lecture you will receive practical tools to guide your child more relaxed as a parent and to see the beautiful qualities that can be developed in your child with a renewed look! You will receive the pedagogical advice in a PDF, so that you can read it later. Below you can read a number of reviews from parents who preceded you.

Experience of M.;

“My 3-year-old son sometimes had such tantrums that I sometimes didn’t know where to look. In desperation, I asked Linda to look at his birth chart, hoping I’d gain a better understanding of how he feels at times.
The horoscope interpretation was magical! I was overflowing with pride to hear about my child’s qualities, but was also amazed at the recognisability of behavior she reported. I now understand that he sometimes struggles to manage the ‘fire’ in him and we have found ways to express this. This has brought me a lot as a parent and therefore also my son.”

Experience of I.;

“Viewing our 10-year-old daughter’s birth chart has helped me see her struggles in a broader perspective. I have more faith that she will find her own way. In our parenting and guidance, I am more aware of her need for recharge time alone and being outside. Based on this confidence, I now also let her make more of her own choices. These can be very small but are big to her. A crazy outfit? Fine! We gave her a sewing machine for her birthday to sew clothes herself, to satisfy her need to create. I can now give her space more consciously, even if that deviates from what would be standard or what mom’s head prescribes!”