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About me

Welcome! I am Linda Wessels (1979). My background is in primary education, where I have taught, coached and trained teachers. In addition, I grew up among horses, which taught me a lot. From an early age I was asked to train young horses. I did this from feeling, observing a lot and by trial and error, sometimes literally. From a very young age I knew that working with people and animals complement each other and is closest to what I love to do with my life. I still work as a coach and trainer and would like to tell you a little more about myself.

Calm and thoughtful, but also playful and curious. There are several qualities that suit me. When I chose to work in education, I discovered that what I had been doing with horses for so long, works just as well for working with children and adults. That working from connection and trust is a way of working that applies to all situations. For me, the power of working with people and animals lies above all in looking beyond behaviour. What is behind it and what does it actually want to tell us? I am always on the way to further expand my consciousness. For that I learned to look at myself and others in different ways.

I like to work a lot with astrology with people. Astrology gives a refreshing and positive view on personal growth and development, which automatically increases awareness. From your birth data I look at which energy is present in you and how you can use it in your life in the here and now. Finding the qualities and potential in someone’s birth chart is always a great challenge for me, like a treasure map that I can decipher for someone. People are always pleasantly surprised how their birth horoscope fits who they are and how it helps them to gain more insight into it again! Further down this page you can read some of the reviews I received.

A mix of working and learning works best for me. I have experienced that in personal development you use a healthy mix of your head, heart and body. Deepening trauma work and continuing to work with my pain points are therefore a permanent part of that. I always look for what works at the moment. Continuing to reinvent myself is inextricably linked to that.

Being able to walk along someone’s path from a connection, is for me the most sufficient way of working that is close to myself. Do you feel addressed? Be welcome and feel free to contact us!

Experiences of others
Many have preceded you. For a more complete picture, read some customer reviews.

“If you want to get to know yourself through and through, a birth chart interpretation is the ultimate gift for yourself. Because wow, that gives so many aha moments and insights. I got to know myself so incredibly well because of this. My talents, my pitfalls, why I react the way I react, my dreams, path and desires… Linda makes it a clear adventure that makes it so much easier to maneuver through your life with a lot of understanding and love for yourself. I’ve started to look at myself so much softer, I wish everyone that! Kelly.

“Flabergasted at how spot on the information can be, based only on your birth data, position of the planets at the time of your birth! So many insights after a consultation, which give a kind of peace of mind: ‘Oh, that could well come from there, or that’s why it’s in this or that way in my life.’ Partly a lot of recognition, but also unexpected feedback / input that you make you think and that helps you further. It’s great that you can listen back to the audio recording of your consultation throughout your life, because things may now resonate / do something for you, and in another phase of life other things will speak to you more. Linda explains well, speaks calmly and clearly!” Philo.

“While discussing my birth chart, things came up that I was not aware of that hindered me. It was intense and relatable and I was open to the possibility of change that showed up in my horoscope. This horoscope reading has been the impetus for me to continue working on my personal development. In a short time I have grown a lot further, with a lot more peace in my head and body. I am very grateful for this. Linda senses exactly what can be discussed and brings out the right things. She explains everything well and calmly and makes an effort to make this a super experience. This is highly recommended!” Manon.

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