“Watch carefully the magic that occurs, when you give someone enough comfort to just be¬†themselves. ”¬†

People sometimes ask, does work stop for you after a horoscope reading? Certainly not!

There is so much wisdom to be found in your birth chart that it cannot be grasped in that first conversation. In addition, it turns out to be very nice to go deeper into a theme that is important to you right now. We then look at how you can use your qualities for this, and which pitfalls you may encounter in yourself. The more awareness you get of your qualities and pitfalls, the more growth becomes possible.

I do not only work with astrology, but have a holistic way of looking. This means that I can work with you from different angles. Do you need to spar together, to get more overview? I like to listen and think along. I believe that people mainly know their own solutions for next steps, but that listening, intuitive empathy and asking the right questions help to find yourself there again. Everything in the sign of feeling and being able to take your own direction again. So that you feel again which step you want to take on your path. Feel free to ask for a no-obligation introductory meeting, then I think along with you!